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Furry Land Mobile Grooming

Furry Land Mobile Grooming — Reviews, Complaints and Experiences

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Furry Land Mobile Grooming — Reviews, Complaints and Experiences

Dedicated page for reviews and complaints about Furry Land Mobile Grooming.

Has Furry Land mistreated your beloved furry family member and didn’t care about any concerns you had? This is a dedicated page to voice your horrific experiences and help share the truth about their abusive staff and stop them once and for all! They have locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Vancouver and Toronto.


Owner is Nick Fields, phone number is Phone(702) 227-0154

Toronto: (647)477-6849

Vancouver: 604.733.1244

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I scheduled my grooming appointment weeks out. When the day came, I was overly anxious to get the grass and pollen off my dog, but the team did not show up and did not call. I reached out numerous times. After nearly three days, I got a text apology stating that my appointment had mysteriously disappeared from the software. I was understanding due to COVID and other holiday chaos. They offered a twenty percent discount and said they would come at noon the next day. They said that this "never happens." I have all of these texts messages. Sadly, once again, they no showed and no called. I waited for hours!! I've sent 4 messages to the text line with no response. They will not provide a number for phone calls. I am writing this review with the hope that they will use this opportunity to course correct and find a way to properly communicate with their customers. It is a shame when businesses do not feel as if customer response is a vital part of success.

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Never ever will we use this company again, animal cruelty - Nick Fields - crook

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I had an appointment for my dog scheduled 2/3/21 at 4:15pm. Getting the appt scheduled was a little weird as it was done online/over text but whoever I was communicating with was responsive and answered my questions.

Appointment time rolled around and I waited.

15 minutes late. I started double checking my texts to make sure I didn’t mess up the day/time. Checked their website which says appointment times are approximate but that they’ll call to update if they’re running late. Ok, fine.

30 minutes late. I text the number that I’d been communicating with asking for an updated arrival time. No response.

45 minutes late. I called the office number, listened to the automated message explaining booking was done online. I pushed “0”, listened to another message saying I could leave a message if I had further questions. Waited for the beep. It kicked me back to the first automated message.

An hour late. I text the number again. Again, no response.

2 DAYS later and NO ONE ever showed up or attempted to contact me or respond to any of my messages.

I’m annoyed, my dog is still not groomed, and I will tell anyone who will listen to never attempt to give Furry Land their business. Apparently they don’t want it.  

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