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RC Willey — Reviews, Complaints and Experiences

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We have had nothing but issues! We purchased a dining room set with 6 chairs. We opted to put the items together ourselves, and upon assembling the chairs, we found that it did not come with the 3 pre-drilled holes needed to connect the chair to the seat portion. Given we live nearly 2 hours from the nearest store, we just went ahead and drilled the needed holes, as we needed chairs to host an upcoming dinner. Customer service was awful and less than understanding and merely offered $50 for a $200 chair! But wait... it gets better. We again decided to gamble fate and bought more furniture from RC Willey, this time it was a desk with a hutch and a TV stand with the hutch. Given our hell-ish time with the chairs, we decided to pay for the delivery because they will assemble the items. Well... when the delivery men brought in the TV hutch and began to attach it to the base, they screwed right through a cubby hole! This is a $1600 item that is now being held together on one end with 1 screw. As of today, I am waiting for a replacement hutch and plan to supervise the entire assembly process to ensure nothing else is damaged. This is the last time we EVER buy from RC Willey! Their items are cheaply made for the $$$ you pay! Additionally, the customer service staff is extremely rude and not helpful at all! We have spent so much money to be treated poorly and for cheaply made crap!  

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Reviews, Complaints and Experiences
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Reviews, Complaints and Experiences
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Reviews, Complaints and Experiences
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