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Hulu — Reviews, Complaints and Experiences

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Hulu — Reviews, Complaints and Experiences

Dedicated page for reviews and complaints about Hulu.

Dedicated page for reviews and complaints.

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I signed up to Hulu for the first time and originally put my boyfriend’s credit card in as the payment method. The system recognized his card because he already had an account with Hulu so it didn’t let us enter it even though I had created the account with my email, so I inputted my own credit card (which was never previously used on Hulu). One week into the trial I check my credit card statement and I see a charge for $12.00. Because I originally put my boyfriend’s card in, the system thought I already had an account so it charged me for the month. I called to get this fixed, and the representative told me that she had to cancel my account to reimburse me, but that she could give me a two week free trial and then extend it by a week to total a one month free trial. I got reimbursement, but then I was charged another $6.41. I called back again and the representative told me that I had to either cancel the subscription and not get my last week of the free trial to get reimbursed, or not cancel my subscription, get the last week of my trial, and have to pay that $6.41. All of this to say, this wasted a ridiculous amount of time, all for a one-month free trial. Not worth it, and the movie selection isn’t even that great. Stick to Netflix and Prime folks.  

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What am I even paying Hulu for anymore????

I have the basic streaming package and it sucks.
They have VERY few good shows, limited new shows and the shows they do have, have missing seasons (I'm sure this was an agreement with networks so people have to go buy episodes on Amazon or subscribe to other services to watch previous seasons). They only have shows from a few networks.

WAY WAY WAY too many commercials that pop up too often. They're really loud and the commercials are always about depressing things. Their commercial practices really starts to wreck you mentally. I pay roughly the same amount of money for other streaming services that have NO commercials much less 4 commercials every 15 minutes.

Their player is horrible. It jumps around, forgets where you are if you pause and just restarts the show. It glitches sometimes so that you can't pause or rewind.

I'm cancelling my subscription immediately and putting that money towards other subscriptions until Hulu gets their act together and actually offers something for the fees I pay every month. of money

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Reviews, Complaints and Experiences
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Reviews, Complaints and Experiences
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