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Dedicated page for reviews and complaints about

Dedicated page for reviews and complaints about NetReputation.

1440 Main St Fl 3 Sarasota, FL 34236-5715

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A lot of drama has to happen first before Netreputation can make things after writing a review they do not like. Better Business Bureau is an example.

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originally hired this company to remove false allegations about my sexual assault from blog sites. I was quoted a price, given a contract that stated they'd have it removed in 90 days or less or I'd get a refund, and I paid. As months gone by I continued to email for updates and to see if they needed any additional info from me. Several emails went ignored for long periods of time which then caused me to call in. I spoke with a guy who stated he was either the owner or head of the company and that he had been working hard to get the blog posts removed and he asked me if I had a police record to show that would help to get the blog posts removed quicker. I emailed him a copy of the police report as well as the document from the DA of my attacker admitting guilt for my rape and home invasion as well as two other rapes and a murder he committed. Mind you, its difficult enough to have lived being rape, to then have to provide a court document to further prove what happened to me.

They still didn't remove the items.

After the 90 days I emailed again asking for a full refund, no response. Then I remembered seeing an email from net asking m to leave a review, which I did. As soon as it posted I received an email for a full refund. Again, they refunded me AFTER the review. Since my initial review, which I've been asked to update or face legal action, I've been called multiple times about updating this review from their accounting department as well as legal council. Now mind you, I never received this much communication from them when I initially paid them the $2500 for their services. But, now because of this review I get calls from them weekly.

All in all, I won't be using them again, the communication was lacking and more than that, it took a review for them to give me a refund. And, they CONSTANTLY call me about this freaking review yet failed to put this much effort into removing the blog posts that I paid them for. Again, they did refund me AFTER my initial review was posted, not before when I emailed them asking for the refund. But, I do have my money back.

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Reviews, Complaints and Experiences
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Reviews, Complaints and Experiences
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Reviews, Complaints and Experiences
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