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My name is Jared Wesley, industrial real estate investor and co-founder of Live Trader’s LLC and I want to give you a heads up on someone who is currently working for you. His name is Dakota Burford. I’m doing this as a courtesy as you seem like an upstanding person who is genuinely interested in helping motivate folks from all walks of life. 
This is not about slinging mud or personal vendetta’s, as I’ve done well enough in life that my financial situation is superb, it’s about helping other people avoid unnecessary conflict due to a poor hiring choice. 
Dakota Burford used to work for my company Live Traders, LLC for about 8-9 months from mid-2017 until March 2018. He was fired for theft and lying to our customers. My partner Anmol brought him on board as an affiliate marketer because he seemed hungry and money motivated. While he started off doing a nice job of selling our course’s, he eventually began to make some shady claims, such as promising client’s outrageous things like free trading accounts and ultimately stealing tens of thousands of dollars from my company. Just so you know this not some ‘random’ accusation. Live Trader’s LLC has a judgement against Mr. Dakota Burford and his mother Kimberly Louderback for breach of contract, conspiracy, aiding and abetting, and stealing from my company. (I've attached the front page of the lawsuit to backup my claims) All evidence was presented and the court conclusively sided with Live Traders. As if stealing from my company wasn’t bad enough, he has continued to try to perpetrate this fraud by sending emails to Live Traders (attached) threatening to release our courses online for free, as well as trying to sell FAKE watches on Instagram under the premise that they are real (attached). I’d hate to see him do this to you as well. He is true professional when it comes to lies and theft, and he elicits the help of family and friends in on his fraudulent schemes. No doubt he has tricked you into believing he is a good person and he probably even does a good job, but he is absolutely NOT to be trusted.
In fact, he is even lying on ALL of his social media pages about his work history (attached.) He never worked for Live Traders before 2017, yet his Linkedin page says he worked for us as far back as 2014. He does not have a Master’s Degree in Marketing from Virginia Tech. To be honest, and for the sake of brevity, just about EVERTHING related to his job history on IG, FB and Linkedin is FAKE. To put things plainly he’s a criminal with multiple judgements against him. Being an upstanding businessman yourself, I thought you’d want to know who you have working for you . I would think this is a bad look for your company. You can rest assured that every single comment I’ve made above is 100% factually accurate. If you show him this correspondence, I have no doubt he will try to discredit what I’ve written, and suggest I’m lying (that’s what crooks do), which is why I’ve attached the documents to prove my statements. He is a good talker, but at the end of the day, he is a liar and a thief, who I would personally stay away from. Good businesses don’t need people like Mr. Burford. Your reputation, as far as I can see, is a very good one, something that Mr. Burford could easily ruin for you, and almost did for us
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What a good deal. No refunds ever even if you got nothing in return.

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Real facts right here. Look it up. Can you imagine being taken for $25,000